Before Liv Sxinney

Before Liv Sxinney
Size 34 pants I wore before Liv Sxinney

3 Months & 40 Lbs later

3 Months & 40 Lbs later
Size 7 & healthy

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I Love Sxinney

I have been taking Sxinney abouth 3 months now!!! I have lost over 30 pounds and can now get into a size 5 I used to wear a 12. Ryan has gone from a 34 waist to a 28 & he looks great.. We both feel Great and Love the products so much we have are kids on them.. I will post some pics real soon!!!

Sxinney Products

Sxinney Products
Liv Sxinney Liv Healthy
What Would You Pay? - By Rain Wallace
What would I have paid before I knew what Living SXinney meant:
What would I have paid if I knew in less than 60 days I could go anywhere, eat foods I like and lose weight?
What would I have paid if I knew I would not be gulping down 800 milligrams of Ibuprofen a day to keep the pain off my back and joints?
What would I have paid if I knew I was buying something that would get me off the diet roller coaster forever? (I was on this ride 37 years I had the E-ticket.)
What would I have paid if I knew I would hike in the woods and take in the sound of the birds, streams, wind and smell the scent of pine in the fresh mountain air without being distracted by the pain and fatigue?
What would I have paid if I knew I would never have to take another sleeping pill at night?
What would I have paid if I knew I would make friends instantly with people who Liv SXinney?
What would I have paid if I knew the 10 year old jeans (4 sizes too small) in the back of my closet like a dusty trophy of what I once was, were going to be zipping up?
What would I have paid if I knew I could buy something that would stop the sick feeling of undigested food in my stomach and I would never wake up feeling bloated and sick again?What would I have paid if I knew my body could feel 30 again at 50?
What would I have paid if I knew I would see my 18 year old dog trotting up a hill in front of me again after all hope of that was long gone? (Yes my dog is Livin SXinney)What would I have paid if I knew I would be losing fat and not my muscles?What would I have paid if I knew I could buy something that would have me trust my body again and not think of it as my enemy?
What would I have paid if I knew I was buying something that gave me vitality and energy without the side effects of killing off bits of my adrenal glands in the trade?
What would I have paid to shake hands with the scientist who developed this product; and then him tell me to call him personally if I had any questions?
I can't get my head around the amount of money I would have paid for this. In my mind it's priceless.
I can't believe that the developers of this wonderful product I bought for such a paltry amount would be paying me when my friends buy this product too. (I would have told them about it for free!)
What did I pay after sharing this with 5 people?.... nothing.....What would you pay to find out what Living SXinney can mean to you?

Rain Wallace

Rain Wallace

Rain Wallace's Story

I have been on every diet known to the free world and I made some of my own diet variation up as well. (Did you ever hear of the Chicken and Martini Diet back in the 80's? That was me. Sorry if you tried this and woke up to find yourself lying on the floor of a brush-free car wash when the rinse cycle hit you in the face.) I did lose weight on this diet; as perhaps you did too, but I gained it all back and more. I don't need to talk about the diet roller coaster, it's real and it's the worse thing that ever happened to my body in my life. Now I want to talk about the best thing that ever happened.I had lost some weight (again) from a strange diet I pulled off the Internet. I was about to turn 50 years old and instead of this making me feel better and look better, I was so weak and run down I spent most of my time at my house reserving my energy, my skin was collapsing like someone let the air out of a balloon and my face was aging fast. I did not know what to do. Plastic surgery was on the table at that time I was ready to get drastic. I feel it was the hand of fate that some friends introduced me to this new product. It wasn't a diet; so right away I thought it wouldn't work, but I drank it, I drank it because it tasted good, I actually like it better than any other beverage. After a few days I started to feel really good. I was becoming strong again and I was eating real food. I hadn't rebounded any of my weight loss and in fact I was still losing weight. Get this part if you don't read anything else. I ate food and I lost weight. I went out with friends to restaurants, parties, movies and I lost weight. I was so strong by March of this year I went skiing. I haven't been skiing in 7 years. I put my 18 year old dog on Liv SXinney and HE felt better. You just feel good. Not shaky; not buzzed, but stronger; younger, better. So let me recap thus far this year after Liv SXinney; cRave and ClenzT. Better muscle tone, better digestion, stronger, more focused, lost 23", lost another 14lbs, made fantastic SXinney friends, no binging. I am still going to lose another 30 lbs or so, but this time I will simply Liv it off. I'll never diet again. -Rain Wallace

Before & After

Before & After

Bob Brennan's Story

I have hovered (can I use that word to describe being overweight?) between 215-220 pounds for several years. A few months ago, I got serious about getting my weight down. My plan was to get to my target weight of 189 pounds. So I cut out lots of favorite snacks (choc-covered peanuts, buttery popcorn — to which I added more butter, peanut butter-filled pretzels). I suffered to little avail. I got down to 210 pounds and stuck there. I got a haircut, cut my toe and finger nails. I blew my nose a lot. I even gave blood. I only weighed myself after I visited the bathroom each morning. Finally, great success: 200 pounds. Thereafter nothing I did could get any more weight off. I even tried expensive diet pills, which, it turns out, are full of caffeine. I couldn’t go to sleep one night—just laid there, buzzing, and finally gave up and read through the night—desperately needing snacks (see above). Enough with the pills!Then my daughter, Megan, introduced me to SXinney water, cRave and ClenzT. On the 21st day after starting on the program, I weighed in at 189 pounds. I had, and have, tons of energy. To see why, go to the grocery store, pick up two five-pound bags of sugar, and carry them around the store. That was me carting around an extra 10 (well, 11) pounds of extra weight all day. No wonder I now have more energy! By the way, if you are overweight by more than I was, just pick up bags of sugar equal to your excess weight. Ouch!And besides that: for years, I would put myself to sleep dreaming up adventurous scenarios. Sometimes it took so long to get to sleep, the adventure would become extremely detailed—and long. Now I go to bed and think about an adventure, but go to sleep before I’m three sentences into it! And it’s a deep sleep too. Weight loss, lots of energy, deep refreshing sleep—thank you Liv SXinney!But I still will donate blood.

Before & After

Before & After

Cindee Stone's Story

I gained 80 pounds having a baby and I had lost 70 pounds already when Cori and Marylee introduced Liv Sxinney to me. I was struggling to lose the rest and getting to my goal weight that exceeded the 80 pounds (I had lost 70 pounds with a very popular cleansing product that was very difficult to do). So, when I heard about this and how easy this was I didn’t hesitate to say “where do I sign” without trying the product, I just knew I wanted it!I was having problems getting past a certain weight and wasn’t motivated to do another cleanse. So, when I started using Liv SXinney and cRave I was pleasantly surprised to break my plateau!!! I have lost 9.4 pounds 11 inches since I started the program. This is the easiest thing I've ever done. Those people who say the last 10 pounds are the hardest to lose? Well, they've never had Liv SXinney and cRave.I couldn’t be more pleased! I have more energy (haven’t had an energy drink for 3 weeks) and I am sleeping better! (haven’t used sleeping pills for a couple of weeks) So, I am losing weight and feeling better! Can it get better than that?

Before & After

Before & After

Cory Dyer's Story

I am not a person who overeats on food. My problem is sweets. Most days I don't eat enough and when I finally do sit down I eat a normal size dinner and head for the ice cream. I can down 2 bowls of ice cream easily. When I started drinking Liv SXinney I noticed my blood sugar wasn't dropping and spiking and I wasn't craving sweets at 3:00 in the afternoon. cRave has also been a huge factor in my weight loss. I have found that when I am hungry if I eat cRave first before I eat food that I will eat less and feel fuller. Instead of one meal a day, I am now eating 4-5 small healthy meals each day and when I want ice cream I eat my cRave first until I feel full and by doing this I am satisfied on 5-6 bites of ice cream instead of 1-2 bowls.In the last 10 weeks I have lost 19 lbs. I am wearing a size 8 pants and I feel fantastic. I look forward every morning to drinking Liv SXinney and taking cRave. I love the taste of both of this products and so does my family. My 9 year old son has lost 9 lbs on both Liv SXinney and cRave. It is not hard to share these products with everyone I know.



Benefits that Carol has had with Liv Sxinney

I’m a fitness coach & model and I own a custom home construction company. I was recently introduced to SXinney Water by my dear friend, Heidi Parker. I was skeptical at first until she told me that she lost 5 lbs in a week after drinking SXinney Water! That got my attention - after trying it I was hooked! Not only have I lost weight but my health has improved in so many ways. Since I’ve been drinking SXinney Water & cRave I’ve lost 5 lbs! Yeah! My muscles are more defined, I feel tighter and leaner and I don’t have to work out as hard as I usually do to achieve the same results. I have tons more energy especially when exercising. I can workout longer and harder with less fatigue and my knees don’t hurt like they once did. I’m sleeping better and to top it off my memory has improved too! Best of all my cravings for afternoon munchies and diet coke is gone! I’m so excited about that! And another huge improvement is that I feel more carefree. And one additional benefit I’ve experienced is that my eczema on my hands is basically gone! I finally have soft smooth hands again! I love, love, love Liv SXinney!!!



I'm a Loser & Proud of it

I'm a Loser & Proud of it
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Liv International's Products. FAQ You Ask. We Answer.

LivFit Liv SXinney LifeStyle

Q: I recently started the LivFit Liv SXinney LifeStyle and have been experiencing problems with constipation, why is that?
A: Occasionally when a person increases the amount of fiber in their diet, such as the addition of cRave to the nutritional regime, they may feel constipated. , ClenzT was designed to help balance the body’s natural elimination processes and should help with digestion. The effective time for ClenzT is approximately 6-10 hours after taking the capsules, if you are still constipated after that time period you should consider increasing your dose anywhere from 1-4 capsules. After such a cleanse the regular consumption of fiber and prebiotics, like those found in cRave, could help to keep you regular.

Q: How can theLivFit Liv SXinney LifeStyle help during menopause?
A: Both pre and post menopausal women experience mineral loss which is usually characterized by osteoporosis, a disorder in which the bones become increasingly porous and brittle due to a loss in calcium. The fulvic minerals found in LivSXinney can be beneficial in helping the body retain key minerals. Also, the Liv International program can help women who experience the characteristic weight gain that often accompanies menopause lose unwanted weight.

Q: Will the ingredients inLiv SXinney or any of the other Liv International products have a negative effect on a person with diabetes?
A: Diabetes can cause other health problems such as elevated liver enzymes, elevated triglycerides, obesity and Wilson’s disease. None of these associated problems would preclude a person from using LivSXinney or Crave. In fact, the ingredients in Crave have been found to be useful with the reduction of trigylcerides and lowering cholesterol (LDL). Diabetics are especially in need of minerals and other nutrients so the LivFit Liv SXinney LifeStyle will be very beneficial to their health overall.

Q: Why do some people lose inches faster than weight?
A: Water weighs one pound for every pint and drink and as you hydrate your cells this may cause you to maintain the same weight. If you recently started drinking a large amount of water with yourLiv SXinney, then the amount of water in your system may be greater than it was in your previous “dehydrated” state. Over time your body will equilibrate and you will drop the weight as you lose fat and maintain a hydrated state. However, as you increase your exercise regime you will begin to gain muscle and lose fat but which may also cause your weight stay the same. This is because an increase in lean muscle mass makes you more dense, allowing your body to be more able to burn calories, produce energy and feel better.

Q: Why do the Liv International products contain paraben?
A: Paraben accounts for ‹0.1% of our product and is used as a preservative. If such a preservative was not present bacteria from the air or in surrounding areas could enter the product bottle and begin to grow, making the product potentially hazardous. We use paraben because we are vitally concerned about health and the purity of our ingredients. Paraben assures that the product remains safe for use even after opening.

Q: I have been following all the instructions for the Liv Fit Liv SXinney LifeStyle and I still haven’t lost any weight or inches, what am I doing wrong?
A: It’s important to understand that everyone loses weight differently. Some people drop weight quickly while others tend to lose it at a slower pace. It’s also possible to lose some weight quickly and then hit a plateau that is difficult to get past. The most important thing you can do at this point is to stick with the program. Making these lifestyle changes and improvements can be difficult but the products have been formulated to help you keep your energy up and your body nourished while working for a better quality of life.

Liv SXinneyQ: How does Liv SXinney benefit me if its only ingredients are chlorophyll and a few minerals?
A: The Liv Fit Liv SXinney LifeStyle includesLiv SXinney, Crave, ClenzT and other products. All these products combined help you to lose weight, detoxify your body and receive key nutrients that are lacking in many of today’s foods.Liv SXinneyitself contains fulvic minerals that have disappeared from our food due to the depletion of soil through the use of inorganic fertilizers and pesticides. The chlorophyll contained inLiv SXinneyis key in helping keep your body increase stamina and endurance. DrinkingLiv SXinneyall day also helps to keep your body hydrated and your mineral levels balanced.Liv SXinneycan also help reduce your cravings for sweets, helping you maintain a healthier lifestyle.

Q: Will the chlorine found in regular tap water affect the efficiency of the chlorophyll inLiv SXinney?
A: Chlorine will not inactivate chlorophyll or any of the other minerals found inLiv SXinney. However, chlorine is also never healthy and it is best to avoid it when possible.

Q: What can I do if I don't really like the mint flavoredLiv SXinney?
A: It is possible to mixLiv SXinneywith another beverage to help disguise the taste and make it possible for you to drink it all day. Other people have found that mixing theirLiv SXinneywith another flavor, such as lemon oil or fresh lemon,, made it so theLiv SXinneywas more to their taste preference.

cRaveQ: When I take cRave I get light headed and my heart begins to beat faster, what is causing this reaction?
A: Nothing in the cRave product itself would cause such a reaction. If you aren’t eating five times a day as suggested the hunger could cause lightheadedness. To avoid this you should be careful to eat every three hours and supplement your diet by taking cRave at the beginning of your meals.

Q: What is the purpose of Inulin in cRave?
A: Inulin’s purpose is to produce a good environment for intestinal flora to grow, it works best when used consistently. It is included in cRave in a careful amount so that it is effective but does not produce excess gas.

Q: Is there something else I can take to get the benefits of cRave if I don’t like the flavor?
A: Although the benefits of cRave go far beyond just ingesting fibers that is one major benefit. You should try to eat large quantities of fiber on a regular basis in order to make up for the fiber you are missing by not taking the cRave.

ClenzTQ: What can I do differently if taking the capsule form of ClenzT doesn’t seem to be as effective for me?
A: Several people have found that the ClenzT works best if they open 2-3 capsules and dissolve it in hot water to make a tea. This can be drunk either hot or cold according to your preference. Also, the capsules themselves are made of cellulose (plant fiber) and will dissolve in the hot water but will also take a few extra minutes.